Easy Flow Hydraulic Trap


The patented Easy Flow Hydraulic Trap™ has been thoroughly tested to meet your tough hauling demands. From field to road there is no hydraulic trap that compares to the Easy Flow.

The Easy Flow Hydraulic Trap™ operates using a single 12 volt hydraulic motor that is safely located in the apex of the trailer. From the hydraulic motor, fluid passes through nylon protected hydraulic hoses and stainless steel fittings to reach the Easy Flow cylinders. When powered the trap can open in 15 seconds and close in 11 seconds making it one of the quickest traps available on the market.

Operating the trap system is as easy as pushing a button. The operator can stay out of the dust by opening and closing the trap from the cab of the truck using the multi-function remote (included). However, if using the remote is not available you can open and close the trap by using the moisture resistant control box.

The Easy Flow Hydraulic Trap has the industries BEST swing clearance, which makes unloading at the bin site fast and effortless. There are no manual operators or motors to interfere with the swing auger leg. With the increase in clearance positioning the swing auger is a snap.

Available for:

Timpte and Wilson Strap Trap Doors

Features & Benefits
  • The operator can stay out of the dust by opening the traps from the cab of the truck, use the multi-function remote.
  • Industries BEST swing clearance; No trap operator or motors to interfere with swing auger
  • Easily control product flow by feathering the door open or close
  • Multi-function remote programs up to 5 trailer accessories.
  • Hydraulic motor and reservoir are protected in the apex of the trailer
  • Improves resale value at trade in time.