Thunder Power Tarp 5000 Series

Electric Grain Trailer Tarp by Thunderstone Manufacturing, LLC

  • Thunder Power Tarp 5000 Series Thunder Power Tarp 5000 Series The Thunder Power Tarp System has been rigorously tested, and has proven to be the most reliable system on the market.
  • One-Touch Technology One-Touch Technology Allows the operator to open and close the tarp system with one push of a button. The tarp system will completely open and close automatically with the ability to start, stop, and reverse, if needed. - Patent Pending -
  • 5000 Series Motor 5000 Series Motor Motor has interior alloy reinforcing skeleton and corrosion proof motor casing. Powered by Roll-Rite
  • Patented Hinge Joint Patented Hinge Joint Provides constant tarp tension during windy days and is adjustable for various loads.
  • HD Arm & Brackets HD Arm & Brackets 1st HD system on the market, and is made of specially treated extruded aluminum
  • Easy Motor Disconnect Easy Motor Disconnect Single pin can be disengaged in minutes for manual operation
  • Dual Arms Dual Arms


Electric Tarp

The technology behind the product

Remote - Box One Touch

  • One-Touch™ Technology allows the operator to open and close the tarp system with one push of a button
  • One-Touch™ Technology works by measuring amperage load to a preset value
  • Start, stop, and reverse your tarp direction with one push of a button
  • A one-piece moisture-resistant control box, constructed of high-impact polyurethane and compression seals
  • Simple 3-button remote design is easy to operate, with large easy-to-read buttons
  • Multi-function remote can operate up to 5 different trailer accessories with a maximum range of 100 ft.
  • Safety features include automatic remote shut-off after 5 minutes of inactivity

Fits all makes and models of grain trailers

Thunder Power Tarp 5000 Series Video

One-Touch™ Technology / Remote Demo