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Kits available for Timpte, Wilson, and Cornhusker model trailers. Please double check size and model year in catalog.

Delivering the best-in-class performance, the patented EZ Flow Hydraulic Trap System continues to be the number one selling system on the market and the preferred choice for severe-duty applications. The system operates using a single 12-volt hydraulic motor, stored in the apex of the trailer, where fluid passes through nylon protected hydraulic hoses and stainless-steel fittings to reach the cylinders. Equipped with top notch electronics, the trap can open in 15 seconds and close in 11 seconds by using the provided wireless multi-function remote or mounted keypad.

The EZ Flow Hydraulic Trap has the industries best swing clearance, which makes unloading at the bin site fast and effortless. There are no manual operators or motors to interfere with the swing auger leg. In the event of an emergency due to electrical or mechanical issues, the EZ Flow doors can be easily converted into manual operations by utilizing quick release pins and straps to open the door.

Features & Benefits:

  • The operator can stay out of the dust by opening the traps from the cab of the truck, using the multi-function remote.
  • Operates using a single 12-volt hydraulic motor
  • Nylon protected hydraulic hoses and stainless-steel fittings for increased durability
  • No trap operator or motor to interfere with swing auger
  • Easily control product flow by feathering the door open and close
  • Heavy duty reinforcement brackets for hi-density commodities (Frac Sand)
  • Hydraulic motor and reservoir are protected in the apex of the trailer
  • Quick release emergency override system featured with every order
  • New standard remote design that makes trap operation easy to use and programmable for up to 5 trailer accessories
  • Three Year “Peace of Mind Warranty”