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What if I have a Thunder 7000 or EZ Flow system and neither function?

  • Please verify you have power to the power junction box in the nose of the trailer, or the breaker from your battery is not tripped.

What if my tarp/trap system is flashing red and does not function?

  • Your system is giving a fault code. Please see the corresponding Troubleshooting Guide for your system below to identify the fault code.

What if my Thunder 7000 has 8 red flashes?

What if my Thunder 7000 control will not power on, or function, and there is no flashing light?

What if my tarp motor will not run?

  • Verify motor operation by disconnecting the system and connect motor to a direct power source. The bi-rotational motor should run with direct power.

What if my remote will not program to the keypad?

  • Disconnect your system from the power and reset the system. Reapply power, turn on keypad, and try again. If issue persists, please see the Thunder 7000 Troubleshooting Guide for more information.

What if my remote has issues functioning from the cab?

  • Please contact your Thunderstone Dealer or Thunderstone Tech Support for information on updating your keypad programming.

What if my EZ Flow system is not functioning correctly?

  • First, verify your ground connections are clean. The next step is to verify the power supply to your system is correct and using 4 gage wire and a 150 amp breaker. Finally, verify your switching valves and switching coils are in good operating condition. If issues persist, please see the EZ Flow Troubleshooting Guide for more information.

What if one door on my EZ Flow opens/closes with either door control, or both doors won’t open or close?

I purchased a replacement cable for my Rear Roll Return, and I do not know the cable routing procedure.