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The Thunder 7000 Power Tarp Series features One-Touch™ Technology, allowing the operator to open and close the tarp arm, including starting, stopping, and reversing the tarp direction, with a single push of a button. This advanced technology works by measuring amperage load to a preset value. The Thunder 7000 is designed with safety in mind. System has been designed to fit all makes and models of grain trailers!

Available Colors: Standard Mill Finish, Polished Aluminum, Black, White, Hammered Gray

Features & Benefits:

  • The 7000 series motor has a new sealed motor cover along with increased motor speed. 100% American Made Motor.
  • Control box is sealed and mounted on the backside of the nose panel and utilizes plug and play connections.
  • Watertight keypad is low profile, easy to use, and is epoxy potted for a completely watertight keypad.
  • Rear arm ball & socket handles the stress of the flexure of the roll pipe for a smoother roll.
  • Easy motor disconnect is a single pin that can be disengaged in minutes for manual operation.
  • The drive connection to the motor has HD aluminum adapter for increased reliability.
  • First HD system on the market with modular HD polished aluminum arms. Arms & Brackets come in multiple color options.
  • Hinge joint provides constant tarp tension during windy days and is adjustable for various load conditions.
  • Three-year warranty on parts and four-year warranty on motor