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Our ThunderArmor replacement tarps are made of premium-grade woven PVC coated fabric with built-in UV inhibitors to reduce cracking and fading over time. Using all heat-welded construction, no stitch assembly, seams have added strength and thickness at high stress areas. Every tarp is cut to precision on a CNC or Pathfinder machine at our facility.

Tarp Fabric Features:

  • Made of premium-grade woven PVC coated fabric
  • Build-in UV inhibitors to reduce cracking and fading
  • Rot and mildew resistance
  • Superior tear strength and abrasion resistant
  • Puncture resistance, 18 oz up to 185lbs and 22 oz up to 225lbs
  • -30° cold crack protection

Innovative Tarp Assembly:

  • All-welded technology on panels (No Stitch Assembly)
  • Heat-welded seams add strength and thickness to high stress areas
  • Precision cut by CNC and Pathfinder machines

One-piece tarp

Available in 18 oz. and 22 oz. tarp material, black only, measuring 117″ wide to fit standard 96″ wide trailers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Improved durability
  • Seamless design
  • Improved cosmetics for a smoother appearance
  • Faster open and close time on tarp roll

clean coat

The Clean Coat tarp is a revolutionary tarp design which features an acrylic glaze coating to reduce commodity buildup underneath the tarp and helps reduce cross-contamination between loads. If you are required to washout between loads this tarp makes it faster and easier to clean compared to standard tarp material.

Recommended When Hauling:

  • Any Food-Grade Products
  • Meat & Bone Meal
  • Soybean Meal
  • DDG (Dry Distiller Grain)
  • Fertilizer


The ThunderArmor EPA tarp features large 18″ reinforced round openings (with loading pipe) and Velcro seals with latch down capabilities. The heat-welded design includes stitch reinforcement for additional strength for loading in different weather conditions and meet EPA requirements for dust control.

Other Options


  • Features extra reinforcing over the tarp bows
  • 12″ strip of 18 oz. tarp material for added protection
  • Used for tough applications where commodity may stick to tarp bows and become abrasive


  • Ridgepoles added to support the tarp the length of the trailer
  • Eliminates ridge straps and reduces the amount of tarp bows on trailer
  • Used to reduce the amount of commodity splatter and used for bucket loading and helps keep tarp tight


  • Available in 10 oz. Black, Red, and Blue
  • Available in 12 oz. Black
  • Designed for rugged applications: hauling rock, sand, trash, and any load that does not require to be waterproof or windproof

EPA Double

  • Superior watertight system
  • Eliminates operator from having to latch the load hole flap
  • Both tarps can be opened for total loading access
  • Used to meet EPA requirements for dust control


  • All heat-welded design
  • Extra flap that keeps commodity from sticking to the top rail
  • Helps eliminate cross contamination