One-Touch™ Conversion Kit

Add Convenience, Reliability, & More to your Electric Power Tarp System

The One-Touch™ Conversion Kit from Thunderstone Manufacturing
is available for existing electric power tarp system.

The patent pending One-Touch™ Technology allows
the operator to open and close the tarp system with one push of a button. The tarp system will completely open and close automatically, and has the ability to start, stop, and reverse, if needed.

Features & Benefits
  • Never hassle with holding down buttons again! Free your hands and increase loading and unloading speed with the One-Touch™
  • Easily start, stop, & reverse your tarp direction
  • Safely operate the tarp system using the multi-function remote from up to 100′ away
  • Improves motor life and performance with amperage control
  • Always know your trap is tight and payload is fully protected
  • Eliminate tarp damage
  • Multi-Function Remote can program up to 5 trailer accessories. These accessories include; Tarp, Front Hopper, Rear Hopper, 3rd Hopper, and Lights.
  • Installs in minutes

Available For:

3500 Series & GT Series Tarp Systems
(Not recommended for any other type of electric tarp system)